Please note that I will be on maternity leave until further notice. If you would like an update when I resume classes, please pop me an e-mail (info(at)yogafactor.co.za) and I’ll let you know. Until then, Namaste. Darden

Mixed yoga & facilitated stretching in Cape Town, South Africa

The Yoga Factor offers Ashtanga-based mixed yoga and facilitated stretching on the Atlantic seaboard in Cape Town. Open classes are held at the Sports Performance And Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) in the new Cape Quarter building in the Waterkant in Green Point. And private classes are held in a private yoga studio in Green Point. Please visit the “Schedules & Fees” page for more information.

The classes focus on practicing yoga to promote a strong, healthy, flexible body. So students can expect to sweat a little and stretch a lot. This style of yoga is most appropriate for beginner and intermediate students and for sporty people who wish to cross-train with yoga. The style is less appropriate for students who wish to practice a less physical or more spiritual form of yoga.

Some new students are concerned that practicing yoga is practicing a religion. This is not true. Although yoga practice has been incorporated into some religions throughout history, yoga itself is not a religion.  Please visit the “Yoga” page for more information about ancient and modern day yoga.

The most important thing you need to know about yoga is that it’s really good for you. Practicing yoga regularly improves flexibility, tones your body, relieves stress, removes toxins, makes you really fit and the list goes on. Have a look at the “Yoga” page for a list of the benefits of practicing yoga. The best thing about yoga is that just about anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, fat or thin, bendy or not so bendy … you can still reap the benefits of a good yoga class.

So if you have love handles, haven’t been able to touch your toes for over a decade and have never been in a gym, maybe give a few private yoga classes a bash. If you’re an athlete who trains 24/7 and have lost the flexibility, maybe try a group yoga class. If you tried yoga and weren’t sold but have somehow ended up on my page, definitely give yoga another chance. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your body and mind.

Come stretch your body!!  :)

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